Lol Oops!!

Whenever i wear jeans my butt crack is always showing. Just today i went to the mall and i was wearing these cute little skinny jeans. i sat down on a bench and i didn't know my crack was slippin out at first but then this cute guy who worked at one of the kiosks was smiling and he came up to me and was like crack kills! and he was smiling a little bit and i realized that a little of my butt crack was showin. it was kind of embarrassing lol but then i went into one of the stores and i was looking for something on the bottom shelf and some girls were giggling and i didn't know why but then i reached for the back of my jeans to pull them up a lil and i realized that my butt crack was showing to everyone and a little part of my thong too. does this happen to any1 else? what do you guys think?
isabellagracee isabellagracee
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

It is so hot and sexy when a girl shows her butt crack. It is a total turn on for most guys. Sometimes girls are jealous they don't have the confidence to show their crack so they make fun. But in reality guys love seeing butt crack. I would get so hard if I saw your crack and probably try and get your number if not I go home and jerk off to seeing your sexy *** crack

I think he was an idiot. If he wants to see a little more crack, he shouldn't embarass you. My husband and I both love to see a little crack, but hate the whale tail. Pantyless is the only way to go!

my neighbourhood aunty also wear jeans...i have seen her butt crack many times ...its awesome...i wanna see dt again and again....

its a good thing. enjoy it. you should dress how you want. i love seeing crack and wish i could see it more i also show it by wearing skinny low jeans and make sure that my bum is clean shaven.