low rise jeans buttcrack- so i was looking through my old jeans and found my ultra low rise jeans. i just had to try them on again so i put them on and WOW they felt amazing! my butt looked so good and the rise was so low! it was so low that my hip bones were showing and at the rear, my buttcrack was barely covered up. every time id sit, my buttcrack would definitely come out, not a whole lot to look trashy but enough to look sexy. whenever i squatted down however my jeans would form a pocket like opening which if you were looking from a top view, you could look straight down and see my whole buttcrack! its perfectly normal for a girls buttcrack to be exposed and to be honest its not trashy if a small amount is exposed from low rise jeans! as im writing this, my buttcrack is exposed from my low rise jeans. but back to the story, i wore them to my friends party wearing a shirt that covers my bellybutton so my lower stomach and hip bones were showing. i walked passed my friends mirror and noticed my buttcrack was out just a tiny tiny bit. i tried my best to stay standing to prevent worse buttcrack exposure since my friends didnt know about my love for showing buttcrack. i constantly was yanking up my jeans but with no luck, they kept falling into place bellow my hips. standing was short lived as well when i dropped my phone. i just said screw it and squatted letting my buttcrack come out. my friends saw but to my surprise i got complimented on my jeans saying it made my butt look hot and the 3cm of buttcrack showing was super cute. i wasnt embarrassed anymore and just let my crack show for the rest of the day
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Haha ;)

Nice ! I love it when a sexy girl shows a bit!

Terrific story!

Awesome!! Those jeans are the best...wearing them now 2