I feel so alone. I know it seems cliched to say these words but its true. I'm surrounded by so many people that say they love me, so why can't I feel loved? It's not like I'm an abused, neglected, or hated child so why do I feel so low and uncomfortable around them? Mom says I can talk to her about anything that's bothering me, but she doesn't listen very well anymore. I hate talking about what's bothering me, because instead of feeling relieved I feel so much worse, because I know I've just put another worry on them. I can't tell them anything. I can't tell them how much I feel-want-to be punished. I deserve to be punished. I deserve to be locked away so I won't hurt anyone else. I just feel so useless. I try to talk about what's going on but then people start talking about themselves before I can get anything important off my chest. Then I feel selfish because I hate they didn't listen to me. That they turned the tables back to them. They say its not good to keep things bottled up, but what can I do?
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Mommy can you Skype me

Or get on kik

No Skype no Skype sowwy

Come talk to me baby x

Mommy is you otays?

If you need someone to talk to mommy I am here I promise I love you mommy

Hurting people and being hurt is apart of life. Find a goal that you can start working towards to keep your mind busy, and change your self talk from "I am worthless!" To "I can do anything I put my mind to!" I challenge you to do that for the next 30 days.

Yes well the problem with that is. One day I can feel more positive and the next negative so

When the negative self talk start, start whispering to yourself the positive self talk 10 times. This only works if you want to change.

Change into what?

To change all of your negative self talk to a more positive self talk. There are some people who are comfortable with being negative. I don't know if you are comfortable with your negative self talk, or if you were looking for ways to see yourself in a more positive light.

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I know that feeling. Try talking to a psychiatrist you can trust

I would but I don't have the money

Then try talking to a very close friend or you can talk to me if you like