All I Feel Is Anger

You know I know made mistakes with this girl I love. However, I do not deserve what she does to me. She treats me like trash. She says I am her best friend. She says she really enjoys our time with me. Yet she only spends time with me maybe once a month. All the time she tells me how much I hate her, or how I avoid her. I miss one ******* phone call and all of the sudden I am trying to avoid her.

It makes her actions even more obvious. How she never came out and told me I was losing her. She never gave me that last chance. Not to mention she was with me and him at the same time.

So now all I feel is anger when I think about her. All I feel is anger when she tells me how ugly and unlovable she is. All I feel is anger when she talks to me about how I am such a wonderful guy. Yet I still spend time with her. She causes me to feel so much anger. Getting revenge of some kind is the only thing that really makes me want to be around her.
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lol, I do not have to tell her, she just assumes I am angry at her

Sounds like a typical woman stereotype from an American B-class comedy. Your everyday dramaqueen.<br />
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Not that you would want to hear my ****** advice, but hopefully you have told her that her actions annoy you... some people don't know that they are doing that. And even if they do, it helps the anger when you say it to their face.