She's The Best Thing To Come My Way

Recently I started hanging out a lot with this incredible woman who I had met through a friend. We walked her dogs, went to movies, I cooked her dinner, we had gone to night clubs, she's come to my gigs, etc. And I really really started to like her. She's funny, smart, gorgeous, kind, and caring. And, she had a killer taste in music. I even dropped by her work in the middle of her shift about a week ago and gave her a mix CD I had made for her. We have never kissed or done anything more than that at all, I just wanted to male sure the time was right. Anyways, she came over on Saturday night after she had a dinner party, and I wasn't expecting her too because we both originally had seperate plans for the evening. By the time she came over to my place, I had drank a few drinks because I was intending on going to a party. She was stone sober. And it wasn't that I was drunk or anything close, but I felt odd, because all I wanted to do was kiss her, but again I don't think it would have been right because she knew I had a few drinks. But the night went on just fine, we watched a movie and just talked for a while. I got news that my buddy who I was going to the party with wasn't going after all, so her and I just drove around (she was driving) and listened to music for a while. It was actually really really nice. And when she dropped me off I mean, I gave her a couple of hugs, but refrained from kissing her. Though I really wanted to. And then all Sunday, Monday, and today she has hardly repsonded to any of my texts. I'm starting to kick myself because I'm starting to think that I should have kissed her. Maybe that's what she really wanted. I don't know. I just know how I feel about her, and I really do like her. The last time I felt this strongly for someone after this short of a time was when I first met my ex.
I'm even getting a bit of anxiety over this because I really had high hopes for us, and it's starting to look like those hopes may have been too high.
I swear when I next see her, I'll tell her exactly how I feel. Even if she doesn't feel the same way, at least I let her know
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Heyya! <br />
Well this didn't quite turn out. But Everything happens for a reason. I actually just started dating this girl I've known almost all my life, but never really knew. We started hanging out, and then we went on a date, and then well, we were just so compatiable we started dating :) Just started dating a week ago, but already it's a really strong bond :)