It Hurts...

She lives in my heart, my mind and my soul all day, everyday. I miss her so much and only wish we could be together properly. I want her so badly that it hurts. Why does life have to be so cruel and complicated!?
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Thinking about someone almost all the time sounds very familiar to me. :-) Do you make plans together or are you firmly attached to leading separate lives? How can you make things better? Life is what we make of it.

We have a life together but living in separate countries. We see each other 3 times a year and have lots of fun together then. We communicate everyday. We're still only friends and that's the way it will always be....however I have a girlfriend now and that has cheered me up no end even if she lives 4500 miles away. I will see her again in 3 weeks time ;)

Your girlfriend is 4500 miles away?!?! Wow, what a distance. Gives the word LDR quite another dimension. You must have loads of patience and resilience. As long as it's all good for you...:-)

Oh the joys of living in Ireland while she lives in the USA ;) We see each other three times a year. I know it's not ideal but it works for us as both of us are married and she has 2 young kids who need her. Sneaking around behind husbands backs is the tricky part ;)

Ok, so that makes me think, obviously anything less, like 317 miles /an hour's flight between two hearts isn't too bad...;-) Thanks for the reminder.

Lucky're practically neighbours ;)

~sigh~ mmmyes... still...~trailing thought~

So near and yet so far....better than 4500 miles, 2 flights or 19 hours travelling door to door.....the things I do for my EP girl :)

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Maybe you two not being together is a life saver in the long run... I have been here many times before... But I am glad nothing ever really happened, and it was all kept innocent while the sacred got respected.