I Can't Help It!

I find it practically impossible to study or do anything...I can't get her off my mind!  What am I supposed to do?  I really need to make good grades this semester...

I'm tempted to take a semester or two off school and move out there to be with her.  Maybe once I'm with her, this longing will go away, and then I can resume my education at a college near her...

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Sorry to hear, man. My heart is getting broken, too.

This is an old post. I've moved on...she broke my heart.

dude i know how u feel totaly but i cant be with the one i love so if u have the chance to be with her do it

Ehh...like I said, it's a bit too late now...but I still would like to transfer just because I'm getting tired of this place. I could go somewhere cheaper too.<br />
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By the way, I was planning to wait until after I graduated to marry her, if I did.

finish school were you are. If it is ment to be with the two of you things will work out. look at it this way. If you leave and go to where she is and the two of you say get married. the chances of you completing school are less than 50%. Not becasue you do not want to finish just that life will make you do other things. <br />
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You will be far more able to deal with what life hands you after you finish school. You will also be a better boyfriend/husband after you are done with school.<br />
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Talk to her on the phone, IM, email. See her when you have breaks. You go to her and then have her come to you. It needs to be a 50/50 sharing. I know right now you have very strong feelings for her but don't make a decision at this point in your life that will greatly affect the rest of your life.<br />
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It is almost impossible for someone to get back into school once they have "put it on hold for a few months". You are far better off staying in school where you are and graduating.

I never said I was going to quit school...READ.<br />
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"Maybe once I'm with her, this longing will go away, and then I can resume my education at a college near her..."<br />
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As in, I'll PAUSE my education, not quit it forever. Have you ever heard of TRANSFERRING?<br />
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Anyway, it's pretty much useless now...she has another guy.

I haven't made up my mind. It was just an idea. It all depends on my circumstances.<br />
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I don't WANT my need to love her to vanish...I love loving her! You act as if loving her is a BAD thing, atuva...

It appears that you made up your mind... and maybe need A CONFIRMATION. your going to leave school and go be with her cause you miss her. so my advise is have fun and enjoy..... thank you for sharing

It's definitely love, not infatuation. But it is so hard to balance this love with the rest of my life...<br />
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I was already going to wait until marriage to have sex for many reasons...you just gave me another reason.

Welcome to love my friend...or deep infatuation. They feel the same so it doesn't matter which it might be. You have to learn to have those feelings and still be able to run your life, go to school, and not be daydreaming and run off the road and into a tree. New love is the most powerful drug available. Once you put sex into the mix you will be a full blown junkie. (No pun intended.) Enjoy it.

I'm already not motivated...<br />
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I'm not trying to take anything too quickly...It's just that I can't focus on anything. I can't help it.

Sometimes you don't have to take everything so literal... You wouldn't want to go back, you'd have too much going on, you wouldn't be motivated...

Why would it be hard to go back after I left? All I'd have to do is apply and get accepted...just like I did here. How would it be any different?

I second Kleisse.

There's a chance that once with her, the longing will go away, or it'll be jst as bad. Like having really good chocolate.. ok that's lame and i probably read too much romance.. how about Hypnotism? sorry i jst have no idea how to help you cause I was once in the same boat. I got good grades, but they weren't the best. Like Kleisse said, education is way important.

Umm... I'd stay in school. Do you know how hard it would be to go back once you left? Also, your education is way more important. You shouldn't put it off for anybody.