Started thinking about her

i cant stop thinking about this one girl. i met her on msn wen i was drunk i was talking to one of my friend's wen he was at his sis place all so getting drunk. we started talk and then i met his sister and i gave her my msn and that was it the next day i went on and asked her if she remembered giving her msn to me and she seed that she did so we talked for the rest of the day and it was really nice we were guest talking about how are life's were and how we were doing and, we keep talking like that until one night we stared talking and she seed she was git kicked out of her apartment, because she had a i stayed up all night talking to her about how it was going to be okay and where else she could live, and i tolled her it was going to be ok and stayed up all night just to be there for her. in a week the owner of the apartment tolled her she could stay :). and after that we felt like we could talk about anything and we did i found out she lived like 300 km from me and she was 19 and i was 16, and we would talk ever night from like 9 to 2 ever night. and she went to the same high school that i am going too, we would talk all off the time no mater what like sometimes she would have house party and would have them and still talk to me not guest wons in a bit but none stop like i would for git that she was having a party becouse she would guest be talking to me. and then we went to the next level we would use the mics on are comps and talk to ech other. this was like after know ech other for like a months and a half. next we gave ech other are cell phone numbers and we would text all day i would be at school in class and she would be at work we could send like 150  text in like 6 hours. and that was really nice because i all was had someone to talk too and would ask me how i was doing and how we could help ech other. and then i had this girl friend and we broke up with in 5 min lol. over me having a lighter and smoking so i started walking home and it was raining hard and i only had a shirt on an, so i sated texting her and i asked if i could call her and she seed i could so i called her and we talked about how funny my ex girl friend was and how stupid it was about us braking up over a lighter. and ether stuff he talked until i ran out of minutes and i was still walking home so i guest text her and i was so cold because of the rain and yet so harm because of her. and i remember us talking this kid that she went to see he lived really far away from her so she flow to see him and he was the bike racing kid, that is only like 1 month older then me. she had none stop sex with for like a week wen she got over there. this was before she know me and he really ****** her up in the head because she thought it was love and he was just using her for sex. it really messed her up because as soon as she went home he broke up with her and found this new girl and that was like 6 months ago and she was still thinking about him . not wanting him back guest hate her self for falling for him. so i helped her out and she was starting to git better and better guest by talking to me, :) and after like 3 weeks we started sex-ting not sending nude pics guest talking about what we would do to ech other like one example i was texting her and drying the dishes and she asked what i was doing and i told her i was drying dishes and she seed that she hated doing dishes so i tolled her i would and she seed that i git to pick what my reword would be and i seed a bj and she seed yes and asked if i wonted any thing else? (she loved giving bj they were her favorite thing to do). one time we were talking and she seed she was come up to see family and i lived in the same town as them and she wonted to see me, so we agreed that i would sleep over at her cousin place and she would sleep over too. so i met up with her we got some beer we both liked the same drink cider. so we guest got 2 two letters and took them back to the house and i learned i was going to met her cousin it was his house and i was ok with that wen i got there he was there waiting for me and the ferst thing he does is offer me a toke and i passed but she toke it and smoke and i did know she smoked weed but it was still weired. i toke the next toke and smoked weed for the ferst time it was nice. so we got drunk and stoned for the rest off the night i wake up rite next to her and we both had all of are clothes on and i asked around and they say we sleep to gather for warmth. i went home in the morning and wen i got home my parents wont to know who i was with and i guest lied and i did it hong over at the same time. she left the next day we texted all day. the following week i got a text from her telling me she was in the hospital and it was like 4 in the morning so i snuck out and called her and it turned out she was pregnant and she was 3 mu nth pregnant and it was that biker kids kid the baby was dead because of all of the drinking and smoking she dint even know she was pregnant so they cut it out off her before it killed her. i was guest siting a block a way from my house talking to her till like 730 i had to sneaked back in. a month latter she tolled me she was moving to wear i lived and i was really happy to hear that. but then she tolled me she was getting into harder drugs and i really filped out at her and dint talk to her for a day but i seed i was sorry and we started talking again she tolled me wen she was moving and that she wonted to have sex with me as soon as she moved in. i got really scared all of the sudden some hat becouse of the sex and i new if i hanged out with her i would start doing the harder drugs with her i had guest quit smoking and i did wont to start up again. so i would talk to her and i remember saying that i was scared and she got really quiet and this was on msn and i asked her cousin and he seed if u dint be with her am going to beet you up and latter that day i got grounded for skipping class and for going to all of my classes 45 min late and i was grounded for 2 weeks and latter that i was playing with a lighter burning stuff in my bedroom and i drop a peas of paper that was on fire in to my garbage can bin and it was fill with paper so it cot on fire and i tired ti put it out but my smoke alarm went off and i was ****** my parents came running out of the room thinking the house was an fire and i tolled then i was me and they looked in seed my room and my garbage can din was in gulped in fire so they throw it out of my window wall it was still on fire and spared it with the hose. and i was grounded for 2 months and i couldn't talk to her i lost my ipod my cell phone the comp ever thing so i had a lot of time to think about her and she had moved in and i ant seen her. so i stated thinking maybe its a good thing that i was grounded, so i dint talk to her. its been 6 months scenes i talked to her iv seen her working a few times she ant seen me. and i moved on to new girls but i still miss talking to her and how she would ask me how i was doing and care about what i was going tho and wishing how the girls am dating would ask me how i was doing and not make me do all of the talking :(. o well maybe on day i well meet some one like her or i well walk in to her at a store or something ooo well but ya for like the last week i cant git her out of my head maybe i well meant her or run into her or something oooo well thx for reading sorry its so long

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wow that was really long but actually kind of really sweet in a way you really liked her and if you do meet some one like her you should do the right thing and follow your heart!