Everytime I Get Disappointed My Mind And Heart Go Right Back To C

i can't seem to help it. i talk to others and most days don't even cry about him. but when i get really sad or disappointed or hurt i just go back to how he made me feel when it was good! and the last time i was in his arms. that is the only place i have ever felt like is my home!  now i am homeless without his arms to find refuge in.  i have left messages and such everywhere but gotten no reply. so i have to respect that. it doesn't change the fact that i miss CHRIS can't seem to find anything else to quite fill that hole in my soul. i will not give up on either thing because even if  we can't be together i still care and want the best for him! but i will not sit here and let my heart rot because he can't see what i am offering him! 
darlinsam darlinsam
36-40, F
Jul 18, 2010