Always On My Mind..

I am in a relationship of a few months and i must say i am quite happy with my bf .Everything was going on smooothly, sudeenly one day i noticed a cute boy near my house,he was waiting at the bus-stop, i glanced at him but he did'nt saw me.He was like cute not very handsome and attractive but likeable.That day passed and i did'nt gave much thought to the incident.Then by coincidence or destiny, i dont have a clue,i saw the same boy again after a few weeks at another gift store,to my suprise .he gave me a smile and i like a completely idotic dumb girl smiled at him and stared at him like anything.Just before i could realise,he was gone....Now my problem is i keep on thinking about him...i dont know a thing about him..his name,address,his work...and to add to my problems..i haven't seen him for sometime now...I dont know whats this..but i cant stop thinking about this guy!!! Simetimes i feel like i am cheating on my bf...but still cant control d urges of emtion..
sweetheartchulbuli sweetheartchulbuli
22-25, F
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Ur not satisfied w/ ur own relationship is probably what's causing this

You deserve it, you sound so sweet yourself. Someone nice like you deserve to have a happy and fulfilling life. I feel confident that you will be very successful as well. I'll be often thinking of you Sweetheartchulbuli.


Hope you don't mind me saying, but I think a voice is saying "I'm not ready to be serious. I don't want to be alone, yet I'm not as ready as he is. By just thinking about someone at the bus stop is not serious."<br />
Yes it is, at least for yourself, or else you would not have written about it.<br />
Take all the time you want, think about it. Then go dancing, or visit an old friend, make some new friends and enjoy life.<br />
I know that you will be just fine.<br />
As my generation says: "Lighten up" and "have a ball"

Such a sweet mature advice..thank u.