Stoping Myself Seems Impossible.

Me and my best friend(male) we usually hang out a lot.We usually go for shopping together,watch a movie sometimes,go for classes.And to make things clear i have a bf and love him a lot but the thing is recently i have found myself in a strange situation,i tend to think about my best friend a lot,earlier also i used to think of his well being but now-a-days i seem to think all the time about him.I fear this kinda behaviour of mine could jeopradise our friendship of many years and i dont want to loose him.He has a steady gf and i dont want to ruin their relationship.But i have reached a stage where it seems impossible to stop thinking about him...What is happening is strange to me..i seem to be in strange tides..
sweetheartchulbuli sweetheartchulbuli
22-25, F
2 Responses May 9, 2012

Awe :( Honey, just try to hang out w/ ur boyfriend more than this best friend..

Please speak out before it is too late.<br />
If your best friend still considers you only friends; then you have saved your present relationship. then act on it and take a decision soon.<br />
if your best friend too feels more for you; then be honest to your respective partners and tell them your decisions and both of you can become a couple.