You Are Always On My Mind

I fell in love. This year. He doesnt even know it but he saved me. See, I was in a depression for a very long time... I even thought about killing myself. My friends helped me lift off the depression, but he made me smile... he made me be me again. I am falling for him and wishing he is falling for me. I think he is. He knows I like him, I look at him almost everyday. The thing is, he looks at me too. Every chance I get, I stand as close to him as possible. He tries to get me to notice him. It works. I am sick everyday... love sick that is. The scary part is, we have almost everything in common. He sucks at archery, as do I. He hates hugs, me too. He is nice, caring, and sweet. Most boys are players, do drugs, drink, or smoke. Not this boy. He is different. He stands out from the rest. I cant get over his eyes. His beautiful eyes... <3 Everyday I get happier and happier because of him. :)
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18-21, F
2 Responses May 17, 2012

Awe :) i hope u 2 become official

Well thanks! :)

I can relate to you. ;) Try waiting for it. I'm pretty sure he likes you. If he doesn't do anything, try talking to him.

Thanks I will try that! :)