He Doesn,t Take Anything, Always Gives ..

I dont love him,so what he is, but because of the feelings he generates in me.When I'm with him, I loved it.
He the kind of man who knows how to cheer and encourage others, to support the dreams, understand the problem, identify the trouble and rejoice with me to enjoy my achievements and successes.
Always see to it ,that I do not go to bed lonely and emptiness in my heart, but appeased and full of life.Take care that I always have smiling face, just found another in my heart, body and soul.
I am very grateful to him, because you he is just like you are.
I enjoj very when I talk with him, and I thank you cause you make my day .Nothing expect from me,he always understand, accept and give because he love no matter what.

True happiness in life happens when find two people who want the same thing, they know that their relationship is a living thing, and the desire to create this work of art, each of the smallest attention as an artist spewing your artwork that glow ...
skyfone464 skyfone464
41-45, F
Jan 17, 2013