My Story

when i was 9 years old i was rape i told my family,friends,and people i could trust and they did't belive me at all and its hurts when you've been hurt ,your love ones don't belive you ...well let me tell you my story of what happen i was walking from school but somehow i felt like something was wroug i turned around and i saw this man following me he look like he was 30 or 40 or something i did't get a good look at him anyways i tried to walk faster but he kept walking faster and i felt a hand on my risk i look up and it was the same man i sceam but he cover my mouth.I kick and kick and i tried hitting him and then he slap me on the face and he told me to take off my clothes but i said no and he pointed a knife at me and i did want he told to do i was so afaid and scared he made kiss him but after when it was over he told me to never tell nobody about what happen or he will track me down and kill me.i was in my room just crying and crying and i kept saying to myself this is my fault,this is my fault and i guess i was at the point where i did't want to live any longer so i took some pills. i woke up in a hospital i was dizzy in the head and it felt like somebody was hit me on the head, my mom and dad came in and told me i took a whole bottle of pills so they got mad at me and once we got home my parents told me to go my room and i just cried and could't take the picture out of my mind and all of a sudden i heard something outside so i went outside and i saw that same man who rape me i run back inside and i yelled and sceam as loud as i could, and i said mom,dad but they won't home i was alone and scared everthing was racing in my mind i did't know what to do and i could't see where i was going until he grap me and he lick my neck and cut my arm and i sceam and kick and i was crying but then my neighbor heard me and she called 911, and the cops came and arrest the man who rape me and i don't know how long he is going to be in pison but i hope it will be a long long after 8 years i still remember everthing that happen to me, im 17 now my name is Jill and thank you for reading my story ..
iloveyou4ever23 iloveyou4ever23
18-21, F
Sep 23, 2012