My Rape In The Military

please share your stories, and painful as they are... it can help to talk to someone you cant see
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This is a very old Topic, and there have been a lot of advancements in training and SAPR since these posts have been put here. I was sexually assaulted by a superior within a year of joining the military. I had one SAPR mandatory training that I didn't really pay attention to at the time. It didn't seem like anyone did. I obeyed an order to not hang out on a one day liberty at a bar where all ranks could hang out so that i wouldn't be accused of fraternizing with junior sailors, and I payed dearly for following that order ever since.
Since we have to have liberty buddies I was coerced into going on liberty with my superior. It was normal at first until he assaulted me. I was quite for a while, enduring his continual presence in the workplace, but I finally broke one day and told a chief confidant what happened because he kept tormenting me by threatening to do things to my division. I went through court proceedings for over a year. Within that year they kicked up the SAPR training to a brand new high. They held six large rounds of training, All of which I felt was a punishment that I had to endure...That this training was being forced on my command by my coming forward. That was not the case... Many more assaults had happened at my command as well as the rest of the military, and because strong women and men come forward to stop this from happening to others, they're realizing that people don't know how to come forward, how they'll be treated, what their options are...
Despite all this training... Despite winning a court battle... Despite counceling... I couldn't bring myself to turn in the subordinate that actually raped me. I was stupid... It had been a while since hanging out with friends because I pushed everyone away due to court and emotional instability... but I finally felt ready to open up again... I stupidly agreed to hang out with a subordinate.... Drinks were had... He kept filling my glass over and over again. I only remember 4 distinct less than a minute moments after I tried to end the night.... I remember being raped, unable to fight back. I'm living with it. I only talk to people in the line of duty now. Due to these two instances I've completely change from how I was when I joined the military. I still feel like punching his face every day. I just know that I'm physically/mentally/and emotionally incapable of going through a court battle again... I feel that it would only be detrimental to my case that I was already assaulted before... I know that they would only scrutinize me more because he is a subordinate... that the first subordinate i ever hung out with was the one that did this. The military has some terrible people in it, but it also has some very helpful people too... even though you know who to go to, and how things are going to happen... It doesn't always mean that you personally can... I was 'strong' once, but I'm not anymore. This could have happened in about any work environment... but with less stigma due to the less intense ranking structure of the civilian world... I just thought I would share this to tell other Military members (Female AND Male) that this happens, you can seek help if you need to, but you're not alone if you choose not to. If you do choose to get help, talk to your Chaplain... even if you're not religious (I'm not very)... and if you're not getting satisfactory answers or support from them... find another chaplain... another command... on base... another base... an online chaplain... They can help... and if you choose not to prosecute, they will be able to get you emotional/psychological/medical help without any questions being asked. Heck... ask a navy SAPR/SARC for help even if you're in another branch... They will be able to find answers/help for you within your own branch if necessary.

Whoa .. someone said, "the military does not tolerate or condone it." Officially? No, they don't. Unofficially... the military will often turn a blind eye to it and eagerly sweep it under the carpet and pretend it never happened - if the situation could prove to be either "embarrassing" or in conflict their their agenda. How do I know this? Sixteen years military service - Lt. Col. AF Intel. OSI - Psy-ops & counter-intel officer.

Myself and another female officer were both raped by eight men (aka: pigs) who thought women needed to "be brought down a peg" and be shown that "they had no place in a man's military." The US military swept it all under the rug. Not a single one of the men were arrested or even questioned.

As a pleasant coincidence, both she and I were sent off on an assignment into what you may consider an "US peace keeping intervention," into one of the many nation/states. The, so-called, war, only lasted a couple weeks. Six American soldiers died in that incursion. They did not die easily or quickly either. In fact, the US military truly has no valid explanation as to the cause of their deaths, nor were their bodies ever found. As of today, they are still listed as MIA, presumed dead. These six men, were 3/4 of the eight men in question. The other two were listed as MIA a couple years later.

How does the military handle situations where no one wants to get involved? Ever hear the expression, the military takes care of its own?

At the VA hospital, they always ask, "were you ever sexually assaulted, while in the military?"I always have the same answer for them, "If I said, 'yes,' what would you guys do about it? Would you hunt down the guys who did it and prosecute them? Or would you just stick me in a room with some grad-school psychology student to 'discuss my issues?'."

Men and US military special ops have taught me one thing: Any man who ever tries to own me, control me, threaten me, or worse ... I need to handle it - me, by myself - immediately and permanently. And, if I cannot defeat him at that time, trust me, his feeling of conquest will not last long.

I was also date raped and disorientated for ages afterwards I think the clear thing is people need to understand how the military work to abuse women and get away with it and also men themselves thinking they can always play god and arbitrator with everyone then it comes back to them somewhere. the man who raped me was cunning enough to have me on a lead to cover up his deeds and got help from other naval officers that is their mentality to cover up for each other and call it some kind of brotherhood . but the truth is ts a lie verses lie thing until they outplay each other in corruption and people see it for what it is they are just allowing them to think they are getting what they want and getting away with it... the news is reporting it all the time. these sicko satanic actions come back to people <br />
<br />
I just hope everyone pays for what has happened in my life... I know dutch people and my relatives are behind all my sexual abuse and the rapes and other abuses I have endured like my education and career... my health and not getting access to health services like other people... dutch people and my relatives are all behind my abuse I know that for sure!<br />
<br />
a lot of these organisations are into satanic practices also on little children they prime them up young to be victims of abuse and rape later ... I know it sounds far fetched but its the truth I have been studying satanic occult's now for over 25 years and they are raping and abusing children and women everywhere .. its satanic dutch witchcraft!

i was told a story manyyears after my wife was killed, while we were sitting around talking like me and mike did many times in the past and we had a few new people on our team as we ate dinner talked about my wife Roberta, and one of the guys in the group just got this strange look on his face as we talked.<br />
<br />
i little while later he ask who we were talking about and mike told him my wife but she was killed in viet nam and the guy started to cry as he said he had know of her she was a friend of his girl friend who was also killed the same day she had just tol him they were going to have a child as she took off with my wife to walk down to our ofices to see if there was any new word on me.<br />
<br />
but the othe girl ssawa small child crying and she ebny down to pick her up as my wife told her No it was to late the packed claymore went off killing both of them and a fe others near by<br />
<br />
the new guy went on to tell a story of these 6 USMC men that had talked about teaching this uppeady ***** [my wife] a lesson i gues 3 jumped her while the other 3 tried to get a hold of her no one knew she carried a bowie knife just like i did and she did a number onthem to the point 4 were medivaced out of country for treatment the hard time and BCD's<br />
<br />
but many of the other storys he shared over then next few weeks made me very proud of her<br />
even then she was still becoming friend with other couples in trouble just like in school

was raped in boot camp by the compnany comander when he came in drunk i allowed him to getaway with it the first time as i was told to walke sofly <br />
the next time he treid it it was a different story i boke his amr and busted his nose

That's really sad. I hope you are healing. Some people are just so sick.

Your profile says your a man you lying sack of ****

And men are not raped too.

Give me break men are raped as much if not more than females it just goes un reported in many cases to fools like you, I think

Not entirely factual ... It's been said, "you can't rape the willing." This is a cold and crass statement. However, it is a fact that men are far more willing for a sexual encounter than a woman; random sexual encounters, even more so.

However, that does not mean a man is ALWAYS willing. Nor does it mean he would be willing with ANY given partner. It is VERY TRUE, men have also endured rape or unwanted sexual advances - and I'm not just talking while being locked away behind some prison gates somewhere.

In my time in the military, it was brought to my attention that a captain (0-3) was under suspicion of requesting "sexual favors," for "special consideration." The investigation uncovered 28 of the soldiers under his command had been sexually coerced to allow him these "favors," in a period of just under six years. His command had a great number of short-term TDY personnel, thus granting him ample opportunity. His rank and the position he held afforded him a great deal of control and power over the lives of these people. Although approximately 10-15% of the people under his command were female, all 28 individuals he had assaulted were all male.

Consider: You're on a TDY assignment. The man in charge is the man who carries GREAT deal of weight as to where you go next. You could get a nice safe place, at a base right outside of Nuremberg, Germany .. or, you could be doing your same job, under heavy enemy fire. Do I really need to spell out all the twisted possibilities?

The captain in question was not only ******** of all rank, he was also convicted of several counts of sexual assault and even 4 counts of 2nd degree murder. No, he did not kill the 4 men directly. But, it was proven, as a result of refusal of his advances, the 4 men in question where all later stationed in areas that eventually lead to their deaths.

His sexual assault charges are being served concurrent with his 4 consecutive 25-life sentences at a military prison &lt;--- I hope this little factoid helped someone to smile.

Just in case anyone is curious... that captain ... he'll be 129 when he is eligible for early release!!!

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