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My Story

Im 16 years old and i was raped about three weeks ago. I was at home asleep in my bed and my brother had a friend over. When i woke up his friend was on top of me taking off my clothes. I asked him to stop and he just looked down at me and put his hand over my mouth. I started to cry and then he raped me. It seemed like it would never end and when it was finally over he said "you look better with your clothes on," smiled, and walked out.
katiej16 katiej16 16-17 5 Responses Jun 23, 2011

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did u tell ure bro?

Don't ever let anyone discourage you fromtelling someone. Sweety yu are 16 years old and should not have had to go through that not that anyone should. I have been in denial for years until recently. I was raped by my older brother at 8 it continued till i was 12. I understand being scared, upset, mad and feeling you have or had. It is a very scary thing to go through. You should also go to planned parenthood or get a pregnancy test if you feel sick at all or miss any periods to make sure you are not pregnant because with pregnancy comes lots of desision and it is hard for a 16 year old girl. Get tested for everything!!!<br />
<br />
<br />
Feel better sweety and remember NOBODY but him should feel ashamed and disgusting for violating you!!!

Dear Katie,<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Do not keep silence about the fact -- your parents and police should be informed. First of all, the contacts between you and your rapist should be stopped. This is the business of your parents and police. Don't be shy or sensitive for him -- he should get everything he knew he would get, all the penalties. If your parents do not start to act -- report to your teacher.<br />
<br />
Now, the first and the most important thing to do is to have medical examination. It is important to know wether you have any internal wounds or bleedings, as well as pass the tests.<br />
<br />
Talk to your mom or any woman close to you about this fact, about your fears and blame, about the feelings of shame and misery. Look through RAINN ( for the nearest counseling center and as soon as possible visit it. Ask your parents to help you if it is too far.<br />
<br />
Also start your personal (secret) diary and describe every detail of the incident. Do write it through your fear and disgust - it greatly relieves the pain.<br />
<br />
Please feel free to ask questions and write down any problems.<br />
<br />
And remember: rapists (and, BTW, ONLY rapists) ALWAYS critisize the body of their partners.

Honey, i'm so sorry :(<br />
Please, tell anyone about it. I know it's hard. I was raped too and i know how it feels: the guilt, the saddness, the shame, the thoughts about what coul we've done. The truth is we could done nothing. He's the animal and he's the only one guilty for what happened.<br />
It's really important for you to take a pregnancy test and an HIV test. Please, do it!<br />
And it's very important too to ask for a therapist. Even if you think that you can handle it by yourself or with or help. A therapist knows how to guide you and how to teach you to control your feelings.<br />
if you need anyone to talk to just add me please.

I agree with you, and don't forget to tell the police too

Dear Katie, From what i read i hope that you told your mother. You are only 16 years old. You should never of allowed this to happen. I understand he put his hands over your mouth but after the fact you should of screamed so loud that some one in your house would of heard and come running. From now on i would keep my door locked. How old is your brother and his friend? I really hope you told some one because you should not be going through this alone and if it comes down to it you might be pregnant so you really have to tell someone so they can take you to the doctor and he could give you the after pill. Please friend me so we can chat i really care and would like to help you. I will be waiting for your friend. Take Care and please tell some one my heart goes out to you.

Your comment 'You should never of allowed this to happen'. Do you think that she chose for this to happen? I don't know if you have been in that situation, but when I was, I sure as hell didn't even know what was happening, and couldn't believe it and your body just goes into shock. I screamed and then used all of my enegery to get then men off of me.
But that comment, that is blaming the victim, that is like throwing a dagger into her heart. It does not matter if she was silent, or the loudest person you have ever heard, it was not her choice, she did not choose for that to happen. She is the victim. There are so many what ifs that run through your head after it has happened that you beat yourself up so bad, without needed someone saying something like that. Really?