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My Rape As A Kid

Everything was fine that nice April day. I started dating my ex again, I had a nice dinner with my family, I learned how to do a cartwheel. I was 12 years old that day when my cousin age 23 took me to the store on the way home he gave me a cigarette. I asked for a drink so I didnt get caught and he pulled over in the middle of no where. He took off my pants climbed ontop of me and raped me.
MissJuliet MissJuliet 16-17, F 8 Responses Jul 21, 2011

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Told you smoking was bad for you.

your cousin needs to go on the yellow bus (madhead)

Yea i did the same thing to my female cousin, but the difference is i didnt force her i seduced her and she willingly opened her legs for me 5 times that year.... the key is to make their first sexual experience exciting and erotic because fear will try to set in if you dont

my ex raped me really hard i litterly couldn't walk i understand how hard it is

it was not your fault he was older took advantage of your trust. Was he caught did you report him to the police? if you don't he might try it again maybe not you but someone else.

Well he is in jail but he is eligible for parole in 2012 he has only been in ther for 3 yrs. Thanks for the comments.

i dont ever want to come across as being negative,but with the rape trauma,and you wanting a baby? i dont see how you can or would be able to raise a child with that kind of pain and the thought of feeling of being raped all over again?

It hurts me when I read something<br />
you have to show these criminals<br />
so that he can never do something again

your cousin is a scumbag