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Having My Virginity Taken Away

i am 15 years old and two days ago i was raped at a party by a guy i didnt even know cause i was soo drunk and its all my fault tht this has happened to me. im afraid to tlk about it with anyone i cant tell my bf who i care about more than anything i just dont know wht to do with myself anymoree.
jillnelsen1 jillnelsen1 13-15 15 Responses Sep 5, 2011

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NO, NO, NO - this is NOT your fault!! Drunk or otherwise, no-one has the right to use you against your will. Go to your boyfriend, to your parents, to the police, to anyone you think will help, but don't bottle it up. If you do the culprit gets away with it and it will just eat you up!!

Not your fault be strong and report about the rape

Not your fault! I would make a report, even if you are not sure who it was, you know some of the peeps that were there. Maybe you will get lucky and someone will come forward to help convict this scumbag.

Hey it is your fault idk wtf the other people are talking about how 'its not your fault'... you as a minor choose to get drunk at a party full of horny teens. If you choose not to report the guy then he will do it again to another dumb girl... go ahead keep it to yourself im sure he would apreciate not being arrested.

If she was forced into sex against her will, or without being able to give consent, regardless of what led up to it, it was still rape!! Regardless of where she was, what you think, or whether she was drunk, sober or anywhere in between, NO-ONE had the right to force themselves on her in any way!!

It is not ur fault it happens to the best and worst of us I just had that experience last night I had to get on as soon as possible I had to share

its not your fault. but you need to go to a dr and tell them even if you dont want to make a report. you dont want to regret not going later. You dont know where that evil guy has been.

Hey this is not your fault. You being drunk at a party is no reason for a guy to take advantage of the situation. No one but that scumbag is to be blamed here. You should talk to someone, anyone, maybe a best friend, sibling, counsellor, a parent? Someone you can trust and who can help you. I can't imagine what you are going through, but please know that this is not your fault and don't take blame for this. Find help and bring that guy to justice, otherwise he could very well do this again.
Message me if you want someone to talk to, a lot of us are here for you.

Well said - I totally agree!!

don't be scared to tell him,its not your fault. when ever you don't tell the person you love it just gets more awkward.
he'll understand it wasn't your fault.

it's not ur fault but you should tell ur bf about it if he finds out that u didn't tell him he might be mad

It wasn't your fault, you fell victim to an abuser. Keep posting and telling us. Also may I recommend you watch the film Good Will Hunting.

you need to tell and talk to someone.

It is not your fault. Even you wore only a thong to the party its never your fault.

This is not your fault. This person is scum and should never have touched you.

Hey chick the same thing happend to me and i know you feel like its your fault, i often do to but it really is not. I know its not always wise to get drunk but lots of girls do and we should be able to have a few drinks and not be taken advantage of. Still its not your fault. I didnt have anyone like a mother to talk to about it at the time bu,t i do think if i did it would have saved me from some of the stuff i went threw after. I think you should talk to your mum and maybe a close friend that you trust. They wont think its your fault so please dont worry about that. Someone said something to me the other day, that really helped my perspective and that was, nobody can take anything from you if you havent given it. If you havent given your love to someone they cant have taken it. I feel your pain tho hun.

i feel your pain. something like that happened to me. it sucks! i would tell you to tell your rents or atleast an older women or somthin. but the fact is i didnt do that till 3 yrs later and im still looking for answers. and im almost to a dead end. but knowing that it wasnt your fault is important too. and im still struggling with that too. but anywho just keep going. there is so much more to live for. so just keep holding on along with me.

I suppose the answer is victims of rape fell victim to an abuser.