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I Am Strong.

Hello, I am a 15 year old girl and i would like to share my painful experience with people who truly understand.
I was in my room, voice chatting with a close friend of my for a very long time. My window was open, and it was dark. My parents were out of town, taking my younger brother with them. I was so excited, I could finally be home by myself for a couple days. It was late at night, around 11-12 ish when I started hearing voices. I thought i was just imagining things, that nothing bad could ever happen to me. that was the day that i was proven wrong. One of the men shouted "HER WINDOW IS OPEN!!" and before i could close it one of the men managed to get inside my room. He pinned me down on my bed waiting for his other friend to get inside my room aswell. When he got into my room, I knew that something bad was really going to happen. They ripped my clothes off while I screamed and cried, hitting me for every tear they saw running down my face. One of the men entered me from the front, leaving me in a complete shock of pain and fear. They beat me, breaking my arm and giving me black eyes, only to follow it up with more beatings and rape. This went one for 5 to 6 hours, doing unspeakable things to me. They finished, called the police on themselves, and stood in front of my front door, leaving me cold, naked, bruised, and broken.
This happened 2 weeks ago, and my boyfriend still doesn't know. I am going to be strong even though it hurts to smile, but i know i can do it. im not going to let 2 men ruin my whole life.
i am strong.
shjfstjoxsropvdsru shjfstjoxsropvdsru 13-15, F 25 Responses Jul 6, 2012

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That's a very sad thing that happened to you. makes me feel of being ashamed of even being a man when I can see some men can do these type of stuff. but yes be strong. you don't need to tell your boyfriend if you don't feel comfortable about it. did the police catch them? feel free if you think you want to talk to a friend.

Tell your bf

i am So Proud of you right now girl! you are strong and i need you to stay strong! but just because your'e strong that doesn't mean you don't need help. you need to tell your bf and your parents

bunny rabbit i am so sorry....i dont know why these things always happen to girls.

they broke your arm???!!! :' (
OK, wait so they called the police on themselves, are they in jail?! You should really try to prosecute, get them jailed and have them (or the state) pay for your medical bills.

are your family taking care of you? i wish someone could have protect you i am so sorry. I am just sitting here crying for you at 1 am. Just stay close to your family and let them take care of you and start with the counselor you'll make it.

mamma mia

NEWS UPDATE: Why won't you let us know if they were arrested?

You're really honerable , I got raped a year and 1 month ago and I still can't get over it .. I live in my misery everyday going through my head I'm crying as I'm typing this cause I feel a choking sensation where I just want to kill myself .. But your story made me think strong and I just love you okay.? Please stay safe. This is my twitter if you ever need anything @ Jenni _ 232677 love you x

Hmm.... voice chatting during the event... younger brother (only) with parents... yelling and screaming for 5 hours with no neighborhood response... two men giving themselves up ever so peacefully after an attack so violent that it that would surely leave them in prison for most or all of their lives.... boyfriend still clueless after two weeks even though this surely was on the news and the hospital stay and all the bruises and the arm-cast...

I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around this story. Hope things work out for you.

Yes u r an stay that way If u need to talk I'm here to help and here is my story

If you are strong then call the police and punish those who did you wrong, it is great if you are strong but to remain silent for such a deed is wrong too and weak, you can not be broken because you are not a toy you are a beautiful person inside whom god placed life through another god which is your mother, there is no need to smile you should be angry, how dare someone touch without your permission, this world no matter how civilized we might be we still are living in a form of jungle and you must fight, if you were my sister or daughter i would not let you sit without fighting, hey beautiful, i love you , i feel like crying because i see you as my little sister so please for yourself and for your brother fight and just fight till they fall, Nobody can ruin your life your beauty lies in your soul, in your smile, in your tears, in your actions no one can take that from you , i see you i feel you i love you, you are my hero you are amazing you are the one, you are so beautiful you can never fall, you can never be sad.

I'm so sorry that happened to u. (Teardrop slides down cheek) If u need a Friend, I'll be here. F.Y.I: I feel the same, if only Mentally/Emotionally, every night since my 3rd Birthday...

you are very strong and independant and dont you let those men interfere with your life. you have to break it to your boyfriend soon though and if he doesnt believe you, he doesnt deserve you.

you r a real brave and strong ....hats off dear...ur strength will take u at heights

My daughter was raped at age 16 yr. old near our home and she did not tell me until 2 years later. I saw the pain in her eyes and my heart breaks for her.

You are STRONG and I'm very proud of your choice to write about and letting others now they too can be survivors. God Bless and keep you safe.

"They finished, called the police on themselves, and stood in front of my front door"
Does this mean that the two men gave themselves up for what they did to you? ......falling onto their own swords...... as it were.

That's so cruel. It makes me so sad and so angry! If I could I would beat up those guys who did that to you... someone really should!! I'm so against raping. It is nearly the worse thing a person can do to another person... No one should ever go through a rape, but still it happens... a lot. You should absolutely tell someone about that. What did the police do? If you still have some evidence about the rape like dirty clothes you should really hand them to the police so those men will be punished!

Stay strong and talk about it to someone! The pain will heal over time I promise you.

Stay strong Girl! No one can ruin your life. But never keep quiet, Fight Back! make sure you get justice so Girls like you don't go through this as well. I am Proud for you!

You ARE strong! Keep your spirits up, kay?


You are beautiful, if you ever need someone to talk me.

I hope you will get better. Take your time to heal but cry once in a wile because if you cry it means you've been strong for to long I know.

dont say it to your boyfriend or anyone else. the memory of rape just need time to forget and if you tell someone they can reminded you of what happened to you.
ive been raped alot in my childhood, now i know it was a bad idea that i told it to some of my closes. dont built your rest life on this, believe me your life is doesnt never gonna be the same so at least dont let anyone els find out about this but yourself , my life is ****** up just because i create it based on the rapes and what hapened to me.

My sympathies are with you. Take up martial arts or some sort of self defence training, it will aid you in your life.

I'm so sorry. I think you should tell your bf though.

did you remember their faces?report them and dont be afraid to put them on trial.

you are a very inspirational person

Wow! I'm sorry to hear your sad experience. I hope you are coping and saw a doctor.

you are very strong and you can do it....thats all i can really say...did the men really wait until the cops came??