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I Still Hear His Voice In My Head..

It was last year I had just looked at my phone and know the exact time and date it happened October 16th at 3am. I woke up checked my phone but as I did the light woke him up he had morning wood or something bc it couldn't have been me I didn't do anything had a huge tshirt on even bigger sweat pants my hair up and no make up so it couldn't have been me that turned him on. He swears it was though says it was my fault fix it. I tried but I just couldn't I wasn't comfortable I told him I wanted to go back to sleep and rolled over he said get on your stomach and I sleep on mmy stomach and didn't think anything of it. when he got on top of me and pinned me down sso hard my hips bruised it hurts so bad my pants were so baggy and big it was easy for him to pull off even with me kick and crying and begging him to stop he just kept this calm voice ssayin its okay it'll be over soon calm down but I swear it felt like it would never end but finally it did and i jumped up pulled my clothes on and went as far away as i kid rolled over and cried trying to sleep.. he rolled over wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek then whispered i'm sorry in my ear. After he got home safe the next day he txt me and the message said it was your fault you turned me on its not a game if you turn me on yur gonna get ******... I got pregnant and the next month i lost it and i started having these nightmares i'd wake up screamin in a cold sweat and sometimes i wuld hear him whisperin in my ear i sometimes feel him come up behind me and hug me and i even see him inside my house at night everything scares me i never feel safe bc of him...
Anonymoushashope Anonymoushashope 18-21, F 4 Responses Jul 27, 2012

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Yes it had to be morning wood.

It's not your fault he is the one with the problem

It's not your fault he is the one with the problem

Who's this guy??<br />
It's just sickening how that monster manipulates you into thinking it's your fault.. pure evil.