Dont Trust Men

It all started when I was 7. I was molested it continued till I was 13 thats when he raped me. I had the courage to tell a teacher at school. They called health and human services. They just let him go cause it was close to him being 18. Because of him I still cant trust men.
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3 Responses Sep 14, 2012

The law is definitely screwed up, because this is completely inhuman act...don't worry let karma do the work. Thank you for the courage to share your experience. I hope this ******* will get a lighting strike one day...

I once knew a girl that was in a similar situation. Her step-brother was sneaking into her bedroom and raping her every night for about two months until her mom found out. Huge scandal; court & verdict. The step-brother was closely tied to the varsity football team and he received special consideration in the final judgement. He received probation and couciling (no jail or prison) and could not live under the same roof as the girl. Since he had to remain in the area for the football team, the girl is the one who had to be displaced; moved to her grandmother's, about 120 miles away. She can not trust boys now either because of what happened to her under the care of her gradmother.

That filthy moron deserves to be thrown in effing prison for what he did to you. Molesting a child? Thats wrong, man. I am so sorry; I agree with you though. I don't really trust men either.