It's Not My Fault..

I was with my boyfriend we went to a party he was 18 I was 14 it was 2 days before my birthday he got really drunk I didn't drink as my dad was picking me up. I went upstairs to the the bedroom where the coats where to hide away from him I heard someone come in it was my boyfriend he put his arm around me told me he was sorry for making a fool of himself and kissed me which I forgave him and kissed him back he then put his hand up my top which I let him do, then tried pulling my shorts off I being 14 was obviously still a virgin and wanted to stay that way, it didn't happen he forced my shorts off I screamed for help his friend was standing outside the door came in and pinned my arms down and covered my mouth so no one could hear the my boyfriend forced himself inside me I thought it was the worst pain of my life unti he turned me over and raped me in my *** to. While his friend watched. I never spoke of my story until recent as I was made to believe it was my fault he told me I would tease him so he done what he had to. I now realise I was a vulnerable 14 year old girl who was a victim of rape.
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its not ur fault! you are very strong

my cousin fell in love with me nd had tried to finger me but i didnt let him he tried tht a lot of times but i feel really realy bad for u

Thanks for your support, no I didn't didn't even tell me mum, I just accepted it happened left him and moved on I know I am better than that and I refuse to let it rule my life I want people to see I am now successful and enjoying my life regardless what happened to me xx

It's not ur fault that's horrible I can't imagine going through that at 14 I hope u got that ***** and his friend I never charged my attackers so I hope u did ur a young girl don't let it ruin ur life trust me don't let those bastards win

not your fault bell..