I Met The Man Who Raped Me

i actually met him,was in a bar,having a drink and reading a book when i got the eerie feeling over me,he'd been sitting two seats away from me!!!!! And had the gall to try to say hello to me,i just told the girl he was with to pay close attention to her drinks and left.

I'm full of confusion and anger now again wondering what else i could have said,i just want him to feel the pain,sorrow and shame I've carried with me all these years,would really like Karma to make an appearance,or failing that,telling my family what he did to me...
jessieapples jessieapples
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

That is a terrible story. He had some cheek. You should have reported him. It's still not too late. xxxx

it feels like it is,you hear of so many incidents worse than what happened me,and it's the victim goes on trial,not the perpetrator xxxx