I was 6 years old the first time my uncle raped me. I didn't know what was going on at the time. Now im am 24 years old and still cant look him in the eyes he scares me to death, i still wake upo thinking he is going to come and hurt me. I was just a kid there was nothing i could do to stop him. I told my dad and he just called me a liar and went on letting my stay with this man, I finally broke down about the time i turned 16 and told my mom what was going on, Mom my saved my life she took me far from that man, My mother cried with me, it still don't help the nightmares but it has gotten better for me. I have a wonderful girlfriend who knows and she is helping me with the nightmares i am blessed to have her in my life, just wanted to post and get some of this feeling out
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Oh heavens, im so sorry for what has happned to you and i guess that was your dads brother(?) but hes out of your life. dont give him the time to hate him or anything. hes nothing to you now that hes gone

yeah he my dad brother..and thanks

i know i wrote a response before,
but my heart goes out to you.
remember that there are many other people besides those within your family
that love you and have gone through the same things that you have.
i sincerely hope that you get better, my friend.
You WILL get through this.
it WILL get better. just hold on.
<3 you.

Thanks so much

I hope that you can move past this.
Best of luck.

Thanks I am in group therapy for this issue right now,