This happened long ago. At times I can go forever it seems, without thinking of it. Then other times my mind fixates on it for days or many weeks. I don't know about posting here. I feel like I'm not on the same level....i mean...i was dating him. He knew i didn't want to have sex...and i was drinking...he said i moaned. I woke up to him ******* me. I just laid there and cried. I wasn't raped, right? I'm just a *****? I don't mean to make light of the subject. I'm sorry.
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Oh its rape. It was not your choice. He hurt you in a way no one should be hurt. I have been in your shoes 3 times now. Its not your fault it never is any of our faults.

If you didn't want it to happen you my dear were raped and don't call yourself a ***** it wasn't your fault the person took advantage of you because you were under the influence

No im not with him. He finished as i was waking up and that was the last day i spoke to him again. Thanks for confirming what i thought, im just a ****.

So....i was raped? :(

You were raped, if this happened, you did not consent any way and he took advantage of the situation for himself. Plus you did not want to have sex with him

I did not want to. He knew it from day 1. He pressured me alot. I shouldn't have slept over at his house. Now he's married, i saw him on FB by accident. It hurt so bad to see him smile. These feelings have made me second guess myself so many times over the last 9 years. I don't trust anyone. And i feel all I'm good for is sex.

Just know that it wasn't your fault, I know people say that a lot, but this time this one has meaning. Lots of love