Why does no one believe me? First my parents. Then the police. And now everyone on this stupid site! If no one beleives me then why should I even be alive. I wish they let me die that night. I don't care if I have to kill my girls and myself for someone to beleive me. What he did to me is so very very very real and I have the broken bones and scars to proof it. But, its not like anyone beleives me so why even try? No one will miss a good for nothin ****. He says. Well he's on his way here now, to finish what he started. Without me they have nothin. He will be free to hurt again. He'll be here one day soon. To tie up one last end. I'm ok. I'll be ready. He can take my life. I have no fear. I will go quietly. I will not cry. I'll be home alone when he comes. I'll even open the door for him. I won't cry. I am strong. The day he comes I will be ready. He can do it again and kill me this time. He won't fail again. I don't care. And no one else does. I am ready. So my fellow people. This is my one last goodbye. Don't cry for me because you'll be the only one who does. Now I must say a final farwell. Goodbye. Goodbye.
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Your too late he was here on Monday night. He rapped me again. And my 9 year old sister. We think he kill my babies.

God damnit I should have been on I feel so ignorant I hope this advice is not too late I am meeting my aggressor too this Saturday he will be there alone and I am trying to decide should I go alone too or with some friends I want to see his face the man of my nightmares the guy of my dreams I am not scared well I am scared but I feel if I don't go I emerald will not exist I feel myself falling apart

I believe you. And if no one will help you, you may have to kill him yourself. Smile when he opens the door. Then stab him in his heart.

i believe you nd trust me on that Ive been through the same thing with my parents and the police they feel that not believing them doesn't hurt but i know ow much it hurts for ppl to tell you something never happened but it really did but you can get through it message me and we can chat okay

I believe you trust me I do

If god was with me. He wouldn't have let this happen to me. He would've saved my innocence. He doesn't care for *****.

thats true he would save all girls who get raped

You shouldn't put power in a god, the god thing is only for moral stregnth, but they aren't real, however you are showing inner stregnth by your post.

I believe you and in you, please don't give up on yourself, it' never too late, keep trying to get your side of things out, work with orginizations like RAINN see if you get help from them, but whatever you do don't let that bastard win.

God cares it is the Watcher who did this he watched and waited then he struck god is all powerful but even he will lose against evil once in a while look a job he had I hell of a life god caused it after the watcher made a bet job would cry out against god if he had enough pain I will never forget what my god has done and tooken from me it will balance out karma is a ***** the man who did that to u will rot in hell

No Matter what people think you shouldn't worry! The thing that matters the most is The people who raped you are in Gods hands now and I'm Sure he will punish them for there sins. I was molested at the age of 10 and I know the guy will pay for what he did. So Don't worry what people if its anything bad just remember God is with you!<br />
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If you wanna read my story you can click on the link below<br />
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<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Was-Molested-As-A-Child/2852975" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

not true. but there must be a reason why they do not believe you. do they give you any reason???

Don't give up! People disbelieve what they cannot emotionally handle.

no one belived me as well i was gangraped by 10 men at 13yrs old