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Repeated Rape.

So basically... im 13. but ive been through alot that scars me.
when i was 4 my dad taught me how to dance on a ***** pole. and he forced himself upon me. even for a little girl, i knew i should keep my mouth shut. then when i was 7 my mom moved in with her boyfriend, so of course i had to go too. his name was chris. so basically, he used to beat me. then one night when my mom was at work, he came in and took his pants off. at 8, i didnt understand what was happening. and i know that alot of people say that it hurt horribly, but i actually didnt feel anything. thank the lord. anyway, the next day, my vag. was very swollen. he did it EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. he did that every day until i was 9 1/2. of course, by then i knew to keep my mouth shut becase he told me he would kill me if i told anyone. so i kept that secret inside me and never shared it with anyone. not even my mom. anyway, so him and my mom began getting in alot of fights (thank god) so me and her moved to phoenix. so... we lived in a nice house until i was 11, then... it burned down. the night we were supposed to leave, my neighbor raped me in the alley. i didnt understand why, but i literally felt my vagina tearing. it hurt SOOOO bad. So... we left, and i went to a new school and made friends. by this time i was 13. then of course, me and my boyfriend zach grew close and i finally decided to be intimate with him. i knew he wanted it, and besides i loved him to death. anyway, so when we did do it, the haunting memories of me being raped, by my stepdad and neighbor came rushing back. i couldnt continue. he got angry with me and pushed me against the wall and beat me. after that he made me pretend i was happy with him when our friends were around. but after they left i would try to leave too but he never left me. he raped me every night for a week before i broke up with him. then he REALLY became angry with me.he had ALL his friends, khai, keven, seth, jeremy, alex, gar.... etc. rape me too. they all did it except for seth. he protected me from the assualts sometimes.

and the entire time all this was happening, i was being bullied at every single school i went to. i still am today. and during the strangest times, i would get flashbacks, from what happened.
kuddlykitten264 kuddlykitten264 13-15, F 14 Responses Jan 15, 2013

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I was raped repeatedly by my dad, and I found this post very arousing...


I am so sorry , but you gotta be strong plz tell someone..... Plz those rapists will e d up on jail and maybe sentenced to death , so plz go ahead and speak out...

ok so yove ben raped 200 time ya

he man there are monsters out there I've met a few and gotten into a fight with all of them.

GOD is called king, but HE is also called HEALER. I wasn't put through near as much as you, but I have been abused, sexually molested, and raped. If it wasn't for GOD, I wouldn't be here. I heard HIS constant whispering and HE kept me from ending my life. Listen. He's speaking and your story will become of great value and HE will bless you through your pain if you allow HIM. Trusting JESUS will be the best decision of your life. Message me if you have any questions.

you were raped at 8 years old and didn't feel anything??

My best friend was 9 and he cant remember so much... Yeah,its a boy but he should remember something. Im sure he is not lying

Ive stubled upon this topic and decided to investigate it. Im disturbed with this side of sex and lust. I am 20 years old and had a girl friend two years. I always wanted for my girl to be happy . Those boys and men have no place to use your innocence like that. I wish I was around your age. I could have been your best and tallest boyfriend. Ever. But ill be your angel. Always at service dor all children of god. My name is adrian. I am a song bird. And call me somtime so I can sing to you. To make you feel better. 407967 1187. Hope u read this soon. Your fluffy big bird.

i call bs.

u need a hypnoteropist

What HumanLion and RobinTaylorAnn said. You should stand up for yourself and by reading regarding the flashbacks. You seem to have Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Go see a psychiatric if you can afford it...or least a doctor that might give you some prescription for depression/anxiety. Honesty, you don't need them unless they're serious. Stay strong and stand up for yourself. Talk to a adult, because what they did is inhuman.

Stand up for yourself, if you don't do it now then you will get used to people treating you this way and I am sure you don't want to be treated like that. Confide in your mother, and no one else. Let our mother know about the abuse. She will help you definitely. Only you have the strength to stop all this. Speaking of strength, I know you are strong because it takes a hell lot of guts to write about what happened to you.

hi i am 15 i was gang raped 2 a couple of yrs ago

You need to press charges.

Life sucks. I was rapped again two nights ago by the guy who stole my virgnity and got me pregnaht. Bt this time he gave me some drug that killed my twin girls.

Kayla and Annaleah

Wow. Im sorry for everything that happened to you. I'm sure its hard living thru all this... Matthew 11:28-30 28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Thanks so much for being so transparent with your story. Cant imagine what it's like... at the end of Exodus 15:26 it says "for I am the Lord, who heals you.” God can help you. i know He helped me, and my experiences werent nearly as traumitizing at this. But what i do know is that God can heal anything and everything. Youre so strong and brave. Stay up girl. Hit me up if you ever need anything, but overall rely on God. Hoping you can trust God after everything thats happened. I dont blame you if you dont, but be strong. God is good (: