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That Night

I refuse to go to the movies after what happened that night.

We were watching a movie in the back row right in the corner. I was wearing a skirt, leggings, a purple top, and black uggs. He was wearing jeans and a band tee.
I was 14, he was 15.
We were dating for 2 months when he decided to do it.

We were kissing and he then stuck his hand up my skirt and pulled my leggings down a bit. I told him to stop, but he put his free hand over my mouth. He started to finger me. I was crying and begging him to stop.

He did everything else. (Sorry. Too emotional to go into it)

Even to this day, I can't go to the movies with anybody. Not even my family. And now, he had the nerve to find me on Facebook and message me.

I can't deal with this.
mommytotyler mommytotyler 16-17, F 4 Responses Feb 1, 2013

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my name is emerald i am 16 i am sorry to say that i have had i experience that i had to go through for months i feel sorry for you terribly sorry your experience to to powerful for my little heart i have to much on my chest you are going to need to talk to someone about it evetuallly so i am here i will listen you will heal

Do you have nightmares and other things?

Yeah, I do

Try to tell someone you trust about this, and report him to the police. Very least it's sexual assault and he will get a record.

unfriend him and you'll never be in touch again. Sorry to hear your experience.

I didn't friend him. He just messaged me. :/
I just blocked him, though, and blocked his number from my phone.

It's fine

That's good.I pray you get over this trauma. He's not worth the time of day. Don't give the devil a chance to ruin your life.