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I think I am a target. Last night my foster brother came home a little drunk. I was trying to help him get settled in his bed. He ept telling me how pretty I am and stuff. Now I'm thinking that mabye he diddnt mean to hurt me. My foster brother is a good guy. I trust him with my life. Anyway. Then after telling me sorry for who knows what. He turned on me. He was on top of me. I have been taking self defence classes. But, he is my foster brotherand I lov him. Plus, he was drunk more drnk than I thought at first. I could never hurt him.
I was trying to stay calm. But , I was having flash backs. I am a survior of two preveus attacks. He was trying to take of my cloths. He is 17 not a very strong guy. But, stronger than me. Anyway, he was touching me andwhispering. " You have had sex so many times. So why not with me you little hore?"
I was paniking. I statted hyperventilated I blacked out. I woke up at about 5 a.m I was naked and sore everywhere. I dressed did not shower. And called tye plice.
I am in the hospital getting checked out and stuff. I am ok . I have no grudge. I am not going to press chardges on my brother.
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I think it is incredible that you were able to call the police and knew what steps to take. The fact that you pulled yourself up and got it reported is one of the strongest things I have ever heard anyone do. That is amazing. I hope you have a good day and I wish you a lot of good and happiness.

i agree with you my story is simular i felt liked but i guess it was just me but if he ever comes home drunk again give him some coffee in the living room on a single seated chair he will become more awake if he still trys to hurt you he is now more aware so press charges you are a nice girl but he was wrong to do that next time do this and see if you can still call him "brother"

Well, I have been removed from that house and my foster brother is in prison. I'm in a new house but, I'm still lonely.

Well that's good he's not around to exploit you anymore, sucks to be lonely. Depending on what hobbies your into you can meet people or you can talk to someone from here. But it is good to hear from you, and that things are progressing a bit better.

It's differant to talk oto people in person. Than online.

You can also use the internet for advice on life skills, or adding new social skills to you that make it less difficult to talk to people in person.

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Press charges. I'm sorry, but I agree with some1sDEZTINY. Being drunk...It's not excuse...he's pathetic.

Being drunk is not an excuse for rape!!!!! I feel sad for you cuz I don't think you know yourself worth. So I'm gonna tell you...Just because he is some what nice to you doesn't mean that he cares for you. (You don't abuse people you care for)! You shouldn't be ok with that just because the place you live is "alright". You are worth more and deserve better. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but there are good people still left in this world and there is a place you belong. But, it is not there sweetie! I hope you realize that you are better then that! Good luck to ya =)

I have never really had a place to call home. I have been in more foster homes than I care to count. And I just want to stop having to move around so much.

Why aren't you going to press charges against him? Do you plan to have a long time/term bond with him latter in life?

I know it sounds crazy but, he is my brother. And yes I do plan to keep in touch with him. He is the only one at home who asks about my day and how I am . He is the father I never had. He was drunk and I have been throught enough already. I don't want to keep hopping from foster home to foster home. That's not the life I need or want. I may not have been in this place for long but, at least I have a home. And possibly a forever home. And if you can't understand that then why do you even bother?

I understand it's for security, I did not think of it being necessarily crazy.