Trapped In The Memories

I was raped over two years ago and it's through the grace of GOD Im still living. Ive thought of killing myself so many times. I can't stop thinking about the moment that ruined my life. I freak out when someone touches me from behind. At church, I punched an eight year old in the face for touching my back. I was thinking. All I could see was that man hurting me again. I think, see, or hear the word "rape" and I want to crawl in a hole and never come out. What absolutely makes me so angry is any form of rape joke. RAPE IS NOT FUNNY!! Having some man take everything from you is no reason to laugh. Today's society is so warped that rape is funny. In fact, a guy asked me if he could rape me just last week as a come-on. Men!The audacity! The nerve! I told him off and went in the bathroom and cried.
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kill that boy and i hate the feeling of my hair being petted because my hair was strocked

Situations like these make me so angry. Not only because it is ultimately an absolutely terrible thing but because of the reputation it gives to us men. It will take a long time, but you will eventually realize that not everyone is out to get you and there are many people that can be trusted, it will just make you more sceptical of people. just be patient and try to realize that not all of us are bad. hope you get better :(