Is He Out??

i was raped a few weeks ago and i keep thinking about it not so much that i'm thinking about what happened i mean those thoughts are there but i think more about weather he made bail or the let him go yet idk what to do or think and he doesn't live very far from where i do.
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What I do is go to your states department of correction website and look up the inmates and type in his name (if you so happen to know his last name). Thats how I keep track if he is in jail and how long. He get out in 9 days! You can always get yourself on a call list for being the victim and they should update you when he changes his adress... Also I would get an court order of protection so that if he gets near you he will go to jail again.

thank you for the info it is very helpful but i have no clue what his last name is or if the name he told me is even his real one

Sorry, I wish I knew more to help, I know how scary it is. I just found out that when he gets out, he is done with everything. I thought he had a whole more year to go for probation but this is it. Now I won't know anything. Now he is free enough to move to my state or even get online. Im so sick thinking out it. I swear my anxiety makes me feel like I have the worst case of the flu possible!

If you don't know his name you can still check Sex Offender Registry see if his picture is there if it is his name will be as well, however sometimes they don't register some offenders. Also check with police departments/arrest records/local Sheriff, since you don't have a name that will be problem, but can somewhat be overcomed, one is check released dates of offenders that have been let out the time period would of great importance, others would be identification info such as distinct features, tattoo, age, height, weight, scars etc..

I hope this helps both of you.

I think they normally inform you nowadays, when they let them out.