Dear You!

One of my favorite sayings is “if you cannot love another person without conditions, then it is not love at all.” My heart loves you completely and unconditionally. I care for you and I adore you. I cherish and treasure all that we share. I love you for you.

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5 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Thanks! Do you not love me unconditioanlly Rog? And yes I have loves like this... Silver, HistoryGent, Bluebie, JimFin, and Snowbunny all love me this way.

We are sisters in our hearts dear.

I am lucky in that I come from a very loving family. We don't always agree, sure, but we always love each other and accept each other and stand up for each other against the world. I have told you many times that you should come be my sister. I've always wanted one :)

It is the most unselfish love that you will ever share with another. I have that kind of love in my life. My sister borderline hates me and I dare her to comment differently behind me that she doesn't. I love her though and I do not care if she ever returns that affection to me. I have loved her for her lifetime and I will continue to do so as long as I live. Now romantic love is different. If a man doesn't want me I walk away and never look back. What is sad is that a couple of guys have discovered that they really loved me after I did the walking but i will never take them back. I don't want to look back. I am happy.

Yes, I read somewhere that loving someone whether or not they love you back is true unconditional love. That's a hard one to swallow, don't you think? I mean, should we really choose to love someone that doesn't love us back? I love my kids unconditionally, and my best of friends (like yours truly) but they all love me back. To love someone who doesn't love you back is heartbreaking, and love is all about good feelings, or it should be. I do agree, though, if everyone loved everyone else unconditionally then we would be a much better world. I runneth on... lol