Divorce Doesn't Mean Not Caring

I know I was the one who initiated the meltdown of our marriage.  But I still love you and care for you.  22-years is more than half my life...you just don't stop caring about someone after that long.  I wish we could be friends...but I understand why you can't.  I'm sorry.
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3 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Me neither

I doubt it. A mutual friend told me that he literally hates me now. :(

I understand totally. I wrote him a letter before he left. I've tried to remain supportive of him but for his own reasons, he chose to cut me out. Stings, a lot, but I can't force him to forgive me. I also understanding feeling like you've wasted 1/2 your life. I felt that way too, but then I decided it wasn't a waste. It was another learning experience.