My Past Love.

I meet a guy before my husband and I still think of him.  My husband is not physical with me at all.  All I do is think of what my life would have been like had a continued with this man and not married my husband.  We had a connection immediately.  And the sex....OMG!!!

Now all I do is think of this man and what could have been. 
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3 Responses Aug 23, 2010

I can't get over my exboyfriend. He was th best lover I have ever had. I still get the hot just thinking about him. I love my huband,but we don't have sex at all. Going from 2-4 times a day to once a week. Now to nothing in 4 years. It's sad.

I fell for this awesome guy when I was young. The chemistry and passion between us was unbelievable. He is my heart and soul still. Sadly we both married other people that we grew to love and all the years apart I did very much miss that chemical passion we had together. Over 27 years he phoned every year. My heart raced hearing his voice with each phone call, every conversation ended with I miss you, you're always on my mind. Unaware, we both divorced in the same year. We decided to meet and was amazed the heat didn't change. But what does change is us. The love is still there but it is impossible to go back. My wisdom is, please don't spend so much time thinking about the person. Treasure the memories of those feelings. What I found, for what it is worth, try to bring that passion into your current relationship. Otherwise look happily to the future for a brand new chemistry in a new relationship. Don't go backwards, always move forward. I feel "Learningtogrow" has it right, we miss the feelings of being so alive more than the person.

The same is for me. I was with someone for 2 years before my current wife and i made the choice to marry my wofe and leave this other girl. I so regret that decsion and think about her everyday. She was truly my soulmate and I made the wrong choice. <br />
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The real truth is, do we miuss the person or do we miss the feeling we had with them. And, if we were with them, would we truly be happy.