Could You Really Move On So Fast???

I'm over you. I am. Trust me. But then at the same time I'm not.. All it takes is for me to look at your picture and I get a stomach ache. This wasn't how it was supposed to be!! I was your special girl!! We loved each other and were supposed to be together. Isn't that what happens when you tell someone you love them and you plan out your future childrens names? Isn't that what is supposed to be when you get engaged?? Cody, we were ENGAGED!! I LOVED you!! I can't just forget you and move on like you did. I know it's been 9 months. But that time seems like nothing, especially after I pledged my forever love to you... And then today I just wanted to look at your picture.. And then I see that you are "in a relationship" with another girl. Another girl who happens to have my ******* name!! So because you can't forget me, you pick someob
ne who has the same damn name so it will be easier for you?? I just saw you three weeks ago and I know for damn sure you said you were single.. And on top of that you said you still love me??? WTF! I still care about you soo much and this is like a knife in my stomach.. I love you still. But you aren't with me and I can't get you out of my head or heart...
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*salutes* You're the best General evah!

=/ you gotta survive longer than that......i cant run the world w/o the General

Exposing your heart to who?<br />
<br />
Aww =)<br />
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what did I miss?

Archie, no digas eso. =(

*sighhh* But Archieeeeeeeeeeeee ......foine!

*starts aiming cupids arrow* =D

Well we ended our engagement in may. I still cared for him in august but I have completely moved on since then. I saw him in september and hw is actually home now. <br />
<br />
No I don't want anyone to replace him.

LOl yeahh ;)

Lol I'm trying to find another man ;)

Oh I deleted his facebook right after I wrote this. And all I got left is his dog tags and the necklace he gave me. That's it. <br />
<br />
But it's been a while since I wrote this... Things have changed.

wow i gasped when I read the statement about looking at his pic and getting a stomach ache you hit that right on the head...I know it sounds cliche but more time will help and also you know he is with someone else will help also if you wanna talk hit me up :)