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I Wish It Was You

Today my friend Neal asked me to Prom. It was the end of the school day, we came out of class late with a few friends after finishing a long test, so the field was empty except for us and my crush Nate who was walking behind us.
And it's not one of those crushes where the guy doesnt even know you, we had history. A few years ago we went to a church camp where we first met and bonded, and I found out he was a really nice guy, not the jerk I had assumed he was. Then last year he switched to my school, I thought this would be great because I felt like we really hit it off, and this way we could spend more time together. He was nice the first few months, until the incident. It was at lunch and I was in line next to him. We were talking about some homework when he whispers something in his friends ear. His friend then laughs really hard and says something like "No way man!". So being the nosey butt I am I ask him "whats so funny?". His friend then goes on to tell me while Nate is trying to cover his friends mouth, that nate told him I was his ex-girlfriend and we dated a few years back, which is not true. Im just shocked and dont know what to say since Ive never been in a situation like that before so I just say "What?! no way...Thats werid." All while my face is Cardinal red and Im thinking that Im such an idiot for saying that. While Nate is still next to me inbetween his friend and I, looking embarrassed and hurt. I dont know why I said that, I guess I just panicked.
But anyways we were on the field and out of nowhere, Neal turns to me and pulls out a really nice drawing of some Twilight scene(I am majorly obsessed with it) which must have taken him forever, and says "Will you go to prom with me?". I cant believe my ears at first, so I just stand there dumbfounded not knowing what in the world to say. All i can think of is "WHY ME? WHY NOW? WHY NOT NATE?" and Im just imagining what Nate must be thinking then.
So while Im staring at the picture like a dumbo, my friend Ella is in back of Neal mouthing the words "SAY YES!!". And I couldnt find one single reason that was good enough to make me say yes. So i polietly refused. I knew I wouldnt be able to have fun if I went with Neal. Hes a nice guy and all, but my heart just didnt beat for him.
hokulani22 hokulani22 18-21, F 1 Response Mar 30, 2012

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Yes, in high school it's easy to find someone that you want to like you, but has no clue. And they never do realize it. And you have boys who are kind and decent, but you aren't romantically interested in. Those days for me are long gone. But I remember the whole scene....The pain of knowing he doesn't even know I am here. And the nice guys not floating my boat. Prom is so over-rated. Who goes with who and all that stuff. Feeling like a woman in a fine, new dress. Being excited. Knowing that your future is just waiting around the corner. But there are many Neals who need dates. And many of you's too. So think about this. Summon the courage to ask that special someone to the prom. If someone else hasn't already owned him for that night. If he is not available and I would bet money that he is not, consider Neal. You would have a good time and a memory of a good time is better than a fantasy. At least for a prom, I mean. Have a fabulous time. I think the ex<x>pression now is sweet-that's the one my son uses. Hold memories to last forever. And someday when you are what seems like now "old", you will smile and wonder what all the fuss was about. And wonder where Neal is then. Thanks for reminding me of this. I enjoyed your posting.

thanks for your advice! but i actually realized i would have more fun going stag and just being with my girls :D

Curious.....did Neal get a date? Did your crush?

sorry for replying so late! but no neal didnt get a date, but he and i are still friends. Nate went with a girl who goes to our church, although she ended up ditching him at prom.

Cool, very cool!

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