All Day, Everyday.

Someone who is constantly on my mind. Weird, because I have you. You are mine. But that's just never enough. I love you so much.
Am i the only one who is in a relationship with someone, but constantly thinks about them when your apart?
When we are together, I never want to leave! When I do, I just think about you, what we can do together next, & the next time i'll see you.
It kinda creeps me out, I feel like im obsessed with my boyfriend. And a part of me thinks this is a bad thing, because when he's really gone...(hopefully never) but what will i do or feel like? I'm scared to be away from the one who is constantly on my mind.
xxDreamerXx88 xxDreamerXx88
18-21, F
1 Response May 6, 2012

my gf is like that too. sadly she wants me to be the same like her. sigh

It is what it is....I call it love :)