It's A Process

I've tried. I have tried so damn hard to stop thinking about you. I honestly didn't think it would be this hard, especially after what's happened between us. Each day I promise myself that this will be the day I finally stop caring. The day I finally stop checking your Facebook page. The day I stop looking for you around school. The day I stop driving by your work and hoping I can catch just a glimpse of you inside. It's pathetic really. I break the promise to myself every day and say I'll start tomorrow, but I never do. It'll happen though. One day I'll finally be able to think of something else. Maybe I should focus my attention on better things. Like a brighter future. One with people in it that actually want to be in my life. -sigh- I look forward to that day.
SavedByHim SavedByHim
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

If you look forward to it, strive to it. Its not pathetic. Sometimes thoughts of certain people just stick in there, but you need to learn. Its definitely not easy to get over someone, but its possible. It just takes a lot of effort and hope. You have inner strength, you just need to find it and use it. Hope this helps.

you can do that come on