To Wake Up As I Went

I am opening my eyes now. I can see the light. I can feel my limbs and know I am alive, but wait there is more. I can now think and there lies the problem. I can only think about you. Why, I ask, is this the way. Why does this day not start in another way that I do not think about what I do not have next to me anymore, the love I so charished or longed for. The sweet smell of coffee and the warmth of your touch are now distant , but like a long ago yesterday. I sit and turn and you have gone away. Maybe tomorrow will be different. Maybe tonight will shed darkness on these shadows that keep me awake. Maybe I will find myself soon staring out and looking into new eyes that stare back at me with the same real desire and truth I so very well know. Today I wake up and it is all to real as I think to myself it is how I went. I want to wake up from what this is and dream of anothers way of soft light and restfull nights. Gooday and Goodnight!

--- I lost a best friend in her because of imbalance and bad outside influances. I want people to know how tragic a loss it can be when you can not reach or see the others point and or pain and how others use that to there advantage. I hope that this will help someone not rush to judgement and safe a morning for someone out there that can love one more day in hopes that it will last as I wished for a life time.---
bajayates bajayates
41-45, M
Sep 24, 2012