Night Out

the night before new years eve i went for a drink. i was wearing a shirt and tie and a suit and a trilby hat and looked pretty smart. as i checked my self out in the mirror i had to smile as i thought about what i was wearing under my trousers and shirt. i was wearing a Lille disposable nappy, a pair of pink rubber pants and a onsie with a picture of Tigger on it.
i was sat In one pub with my second pint when a couple of lesbian friends came in. we had another drink with them and we went to another pub. i was on my second pint in this pub and we were stood out side in the beer garden having a *** when i started to pee my self. i stood chatting wetting my self. my girl friend Katie joined us and when we were alone in the beer garden i stood facing her then my legs either side of hers, i sat down on her knee. i could feel my warm pee against my skin. i whispered to Katie that i had wet my nappy and she undid my belt and trousers and slide her hand inside my nappy. when she pulled her hand out she licked them dry and called me a naughty baby as she fastened my trousers. after another two drinks we went to a third pub. as we were walking towards it i wet my self again and after one drink in this pub i wet my self for a third time. my nappy was flooded and i knew it would not take another wetting and told Katie i had to go home. she knew why and walked home with me deliberately walking slowly. i only just managed to get to my room when i wet a fourth time. i removed my suit and shirt and lay on my changing mat. i was so wet my nappy could not soak all my pee up and i could feel it sloshing around in my nappy. when Katie undid my nappy the excess pee flooded out . Katie washed and dried me put a fresh nappy on me. wearing just my nappy Katie had me lay on the bed and she then ******** naked and lay beside me, she cuddled me into her bosom, placed her nipple in my mouth and had me suckle on it and that's how i feel asleep.            
Cyclopes66 Cyclopes66
51-55, M
Jan 6, 2013