When I was younger my sisters and I would go to our grandparents' every summer.  We'd always end up in the pool because we all loved the water.  I remember one time we were at my grandmothers' on my moms' side and my uncle was in the pool with us.  We used to all play in the pool, I'd be the one with the floaties because I was the one who couldn't swim.  My uncle and I were playing, he was throwing me in the air and catching me in the pool, he ended up not catching me one time while we were in the deep end and he left me there.  I don't know if he missed me while trying to catch me or if he actually just didn't try, he pulled me up after what seemed to be a long time to me, but was probably only 20 to 30 seconds of my trying to swim to the surface.  Ever since then I've been afraid of going in a pool with anybody if they get too close and I haven't learned how to swim.
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you need to learn then ibet you would like suba diving

Your uncle may have been trying to *teach you* how to swim. I have heard of a lot of people who say that this is how a father taught them to swim. Through them in the pool at the deep end, or out of a boat in a lake. (Funny, huh? I have never heard of a MOTHER doing this to a kid) I think it is wrong. Cruel. And so many people think it is alright and some even find it funny. Sorry you had to run into one of them. On the other hand, I am relieved that this story didn't go in the direction I thought it was going. I was expecting some kind of s*exual abuse. So............