when i was younger i couldnt swim then i got swimming lessons then i started to enjoy swimming and now i try and help people learn how to swim.  
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2011

at least on every 2 years??? it depends... when i have company only..they've tried to help me learn how to swim.. but i just pretended that i knew already.. they even don't know i still have scared of it..

whats the problem with not telling them you cant swim. swimming is more fun when you know how to swim :)

yeah i know... but i just don't want to disappoint them... but i wanted to learn in good enough time... ;-)

me too.. i like to swim, but still afraid to go to deep waters.. :-(

i was afraid of deep waters too when i was young. theres not much difference between the deep end and the shallow end so your not missing out on much :). how offen to you go swimming?