I Still Can't...

We went snorkeling last weekend and while waiting for our expert diving guide to arrive, my ADD kicks in convincing me that I should jump into the 20+ ft deep water with my life vest and flipper on. I wanted to learn how to swim or at least float in a deep water, thought it's time that I overcome my fear of drowning. A few minutes while I try to get a grasp of balancing myself with the life vest, I started to swim towards our guide. I was just a few meters away from the jump-off dock (though it felt like yards away) when I started to panic, AGAIN. I felt helpless floating in the middle of the ocean not knowing whether I should continue or not. As I was struggling to swim towards the group, which felt like forever. My brother-in-law gave me a hand and pulled me towards our expert guide. Thank god or the shark will be feasting on me....but there aren't any, I think....

Anyway, somehow I stopped panicking as I wander around the beauty of the corals and school of fish on that diving site, yet momentarily I panic and starts to hyper-ventilate from time to time. My head is pounding and I am having trouble breathing, and all I can think of is for the tour to be over and we'll get back to the land immediately. Such a Kill-joy....and Oh! I cut myself from the corals as I get out of the water, very clumsy....

My point is, I tried but my body won't allow me to stay that long in the water. I try to hold my breath in the pool for as long as I could but it gives me headache and I feel very uncomfortable afterwards. Oh well, maybe next summer?....
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Well done for trying. But try scuba diving next time!
It worked for me. I had a paranoid fear of the water, probably derived from being pushed in a boating pond by an older child when I was about two. I struggled to swim a few strokes as I grew up but I could never go out of my depth. I always needed to feel I could touch bottom.
Ten years ago, I was in Australia and wanted to see the Barrier Reef and thought I would try snorkelling so long as I had a buoyancy aid, although I would find it difficult. I was kidnapped by the dive team as soon as I got on the boat. They would not take no for an answer. It worked. As long as I had that breathy thing stuck in my mouth, I wasn´t going to drown, and with goggles, I wasn´t getting water in my eyes. On that first dive, I was astounded by what I saw, There were 3 sharks under the boat when we got back, but I wasn´t afraid. I just wanted to get back in which I did a couple of days later. I challenged myself to get certified which I did six months later. I am now a certified as a rescue diver with over 140 dives even though I still can only doggy paddle in the same style as I did as a boy.

Well done for being so brave..!<br />
Swimming is about confidence and overcoming fear so I think you are ready to undertake swimming lessons. It is a matter of breaking through that pain barrier of fear.<br />
I changed from a non-swimmer to a confident swimmer.

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind..=D