I Am A Little F*cktard Who Doesn't Know How To Take A Joke

Every time someone makes a joke I have a f*cking @ss hemorrhage because I am so butthurt and I cannot distinguish between humor and intelligence, seeing as I have neither. I have to complain EVERY time someone says something not PC because this is the internet and everything must be 100% politically correct. Some times my @ss gets jealous of all the sh*t that comes out of my mouth. =) I often wonder whether I was dropped on my head many times as a baby or just flung against the wall multiple times by my mother, because even as a child, I was a stuck-up, moronic pr*ck. 
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12 Responses Jan 23, 2013

At least you've the strength of character to know it. Well written!

Who the hell rated up this shít so much?

What a suck up.


this is the best story I've read all day omfg


No. You're ******* BUTT DEVASTATED.


I liken this to a ****** up poem... Congrats you are a ******* artist!

Use preparation H for that butthurt ;)

I LOLed.

beautiful...intelligent...thoughtful....inciteful and well-written. ten gold stars for you!!!

r u really hurt?

i love it. finally honesty on the internet! you rock.

A** gets jealous...loooool!

you are the best comedian I know.

comedian? none of that was comedy, it was truth.

If you know Bloo, you know this was satire