I Hate Him


Of course you .......who else would I be talking about?
Ego man. 
The one who thinks of no one but himself
The one who hurts and dosen't even bother to make excuses.

Comon.............. that's the best you can do now?
Comon..............Your clasic answer to when you feel you have been accused of something.
Comon...............When you don't want to accept any responsiblities for your actions

What kind of man ...........sorry can't call you one of those.  It is smear on all the good men out there. 

I know many men that would not want to consider you in thier category.


I used to defend you
I used to praise you
I used to put you on that pedestal you so proudly made for yourself.



Everything about you.

The love..........betrayed
The life............a lie.
The family.......a cover.

You sir........are the only human I have ever hated.

You sir alone on that pedestal you wanted........

That pedestal saved for the only human I HATE!!!!!
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4 Responses Mar 27, 2012

Applause for you. Sometimes you need to get it out. If he did not put you on the same level as you did him. You have every right to be angry. There are things that might make you feel better. I refer to my ex as R1, R2, R3. Aka retard 123. (No offense to anyone ).. but it helps. Just stay strong and keep to your guns. Better to that you vent here than in front you 4 little ones.

Thanks Sasha...bleeping bleep bleep bleep. >..LOL I am still fighting the *****. No child support and he visits kids for 3 days every few months to fill them with hope only to disappear. My kids are aware of who he is but still want Daddy. I never stop him from seeing them even though he is yrs behind in support and continues to abuse however possible he can. I do thank you for understanding. Cheers

Your are really have so much hate within your ego man, I see!

yep I was filled with rage and anger and frustration towards my ex. I am now in a sense of dull numb with him. His abuse continues even worsened when I left him. Seeing the pain he is now inflicting upon my children is so hard to deal with. I hope no one has to go through what I did and am still going through. As awful as this story may sound it is needed for me to remember who and what he did to continue my will to fight the bastard. Narcissist don't have remorse only one goal to feed the ego. Painful beings to encounter. I lived 20 yrs and 4 kids later. So I am entitled to a little venting.

oh please kiki read some of my stories before you critsize. <br />
<br />
I hate one human......he deserves it. I don't consume my life with it yet he still effects me.<br />
<br />
Support is what I am here for. If you read what I say .......I hate one person. thats not alot of hate. Alot of pain yes.....just hate for one.<br />
<br />
Thanks too he always liked to point out ugly

Um, Wow! Thats alotta hate going on there! Hate only hurts and makes you ugly. You dont want that do you? I know there has to be some kinda love there somewhere. You use to love. Dont let hate ruin you my friend. Is it really worth it? Good luck to you!