I Am Near The End

I really cannot take it anymore. This life, my past, everything. I used to be the most optimistic person.Each time I'd fall, it wouldn't matter because I wouldn't stay down for long. But, I'm sorry, if you continuously keep getting hit (and this is from my perspective) time and time again, with each blow harder and harder, it makes it more difficult to recover. Bad things happen to people all of the time, so I'm not looking for any favors. The only thing I'm saying is that it has been too long where absolutely notthing has gone right in my life. I can't take it anymore. Like, I'm starting to just zone out. I feel so dead inside. I don't know what will ever become of me, but things arer not looking so good righ now. I don't even expect things to get better. I don't even care anymore. But, I wonder what will happen when I give up completely.
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1 Response Jul 6, 2012

I am also feeling the same way, like giving up everything. But let me remind you (and also reminding myself) that once you give up...BE PREPARE for the consequences!