I'm Going To Lose My Sanity

I just can't stand it when all these things happen - and few are good - in such little time. Just like it has lately. So much for hoping that summer vacation would be a break from everything..

My brain is going on overload. And if it does that for too long, it'll shut down.
I just wish there was some way to get all the mess sorted and put away in hidden drawers, so that I never have to think of it again.

I've started jogging again. This is where people normally would go 'Oh! But that's a good thing!"
It's not.
I go running out in the fields and mountains if my mind is constantly working, worrying, or if there's something I have a hard time handling. So when it becomes regular, it means I'm not doing so well. I haven't really jogged since April/May, but now I'm getting to the point (again) where jogging is the only thing that calms me down, sorts my head out, and helps me get through.

And I hate it. I'm about to go for my last year in this school. My final grades by the end of this year are the grades further schools will be looking out. I've done really well the two past years, and I intend to keep it that way, but it sure won't be easy if my mind's always thinking of something other than what I want it to.

What do I do to keep focused, so that I don't mess things up?
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11 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Really.. <br />

Hahahahahaaha this is fun^^<br />
Yes!! You can run but you can't hide!!!

Please, please don't. Ox<br />
Your EYYES?? OH NOES!!! I hate those!! RUN AWAY!!!

Hahaha^^<br />
-.- I got ma EYYES on ya!!!

=O What?! NOOO!!!<br />
Suuuree.. *gives you a twitchy eye with a slow smile spreading*<br />
<br />

Haha mission accomplished!! Oh but I will!<br />
Mhmmm...*giving you a i-am-right-and-you-know-it look*<br />
<br />

Being called naughty makes me feel weird! Dx Don't do that!<br />
Homework was boring and pointless to me! It was like 10% of the grade!<br />
<br />

Aw that's good! You naughty boy! You should always do your homework!!!<br />
<br />
Hah, yeah =P<br />
<br />
Hahahaha niiiice ^^

I did great in those too! :D I could focus easier. Only had one exam yet almost never did my homework! xD That exam was required.. I could focus in school, but would just sleep when I got home..<br />
<br />
Oh. That's a good start. (=<br />
<br />
Always =) Unless I'm snoozing ... but You know I'd come back =)

lol what about the rest of your clases? The ones that don't involve guitar xD<br />
<br />
I know what's going on, I am aware of all of it. I've sorted some out, some are in progress, and some'll have to wait abit, but that won't stop me from thinking about it all, although I'd love to forget everything.<br />
<br />
Thanks, I know you're there =]

I was really unfocused the first semester of senior year. I failed 3 classes..<br />
But the next semester I rocked out with 100's! Literally. (Guitar class :D )<br />
<br />
Figure out what's got you jumbled up and sort them out one by one, piece by piece. I think you'll end up better then how I did. We can talk about whatever's got you going crazy if you want to and think it'll help. =)