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Its Rare But True...

Once every few years there she is...I am not a gaulker no...I am a gentlemen but when I see you my eyes and gaze I cannot control as you look at me. Your gentle voice and caring eyes make my heart skip a beat each time I saw you but I remained silent because you just took my breath away.
Once in a while I know why I am a man and born to love..born to kiss..born to please you for who you are... I dont know if I will ever see you again but I close my eyes and you are there . Didnt you know how it is? Thats the way it is because you areĀ a truly beautiful lady inside and out..Honey I cannot look the other way nor ever forget....
.I am just flesh and blood and only live once regrets...
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Please tell me this is someone else and not HER! :)

How can any woman resist? This is so lovely!