How Can I?

I can't take anything seriously. It's like if someone came up to me and said they were going to kick my a$s, I'd probably laugh at them. Or if someone told me that something happened, I'd probably have to confirm it with three other people before I actually believe it. Thus I begin to wonder, is it just that I think everything is a joke, or do I have a trust issue? When someone tells me something my reply seems to be "uh huh yea whatever" to which I always hear "I'm serious". Then without thinking the words "yea okay sure" (in a sarcastic tone of course) come trickling out of my mouth. And then I begin to question myself as to whether I actually should believe the individual or whether I just don't care about what they had just said. I like to joke around a lot which is possible one of the main reasons why I can't anything seriously, but with experience, most the people who try to tell me anything serious are great big liars. So maybe it is that I just don't trust them. Now I am going to get paranoid. What is one of these great big liars actually tells me something serious and I don't believe them, how will I feel then. *hyperventilating* What am I going to do! What if they tell me my best friend just got in a car accident and I don't believe it and it was my last chance to see them but I shrugged it off because I thought they were joking or something. I don't know whether not taking things seriously is a good thing or not. I don't want to take everything seriously (cus thats no fun) and at the same time I don't want to take the wrong things seriously. Maybe I am just tired and I am not thinking straight. *sigh* this sucks .....
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i also dont take things seriously and i am overly immature sometimes!! I can admit that i do have a trust problem and i trust no one, i tell no one anything because i just dont trust people. I keep everything to myself i dont even trust my GP or Doctors!! I also dont take things seriously, not careers, people dying and even when poeple tell me something deadly serious i have to laugh and i dont know what it is :S these things about me do annoy me sometimes and would like to get them sorted but i really dont care really. Thats another problem i dont seem to care about ANYTHING literally my friend told me she was pregnant the other day (14) and i juts shrugged and went oh well, but the truth is i actually dont care!! i think i need help but i dont know weather to on the other hand :S

I can't take things very seriously. I do get bothered or annoyed by thing but that will only last for a couple seconds then I really don't care. And for stuff in school I don't really care about or try hard, but nothing bad happens even though I'm getting lazy. I'm actually caring less than ever and doing better than ever. I care enough to do the work in class and some of my homework but I don't really put a lot of effort into it. I feel like I'm going to have to stop being so lazy eventually but right now it's my last year of high school and it all just seems so easy the way I am now. But I wonder how that will work out after high school. I like to joke around and stuff and never really like to really give my real opinion on something or tell someone how I feel.

I'm exactly the oposite, no matter what people tell me, i believe it, and have to be told it's not true by like 3 other people before not believing it anymore. It makes me paranoid that they are lying to me, but i don't trust myself enough to tell the difference between reality and fiction. Sometimes it's better to believe a lie