I Can't Take The Pain... God Help Me

I am in love with a man for almost two years.I left my husband because we were living in one roof but for years we were not having relationship cause he cheated and I found out I don't love him.I was with my husband for just cause we were married.I left him and fought with my family because he was different religion.I left everything and I have no one in this country expect of my boyfriend.I don't even know his real name.He wants to marry me he claims every time but he always hide things from me.I got a call one night from a woman stating that she was his girlfriend for six years.He cheated on me I was socked.He said it was a mistake and asked for forgiveness which I did but I still doubt because he is still in contact with her.He want to have a child and marry me he claims but I can't get over what he did.I tried to kill myself but I couldn't and I went through lot of chest pain.He blames that I was not there for him that made him cheat.He blames that I doing some black magic on him and his family.He calls me with many names which I have never come across my whole life.Then he says he loves me.So I want to get back to my life but I can't forget because I love him so much.If I can leave everything for him and I can die for him then how can I hurt him? He never understands that so I don't know how to explain him.Evertime I try talking to him but he says I am fighting,he has headache,stomach pain or etc so he can't talk.He talks to me only when he wants otherwise dose not respond my calls.He says I ruined his life.I am suprised how?
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1 Response May 20, 2012

similar to my ex boyfriend, blaming me for not going with him for a vacation which made him cheat on me. geez!! these type of men have nothing better to do than point fingers and blame others for their own mistakes. they need to grow up! i left mine because he's always so defensive and think he's always right. he does not listen to what others say. cheaters are selfish and has no respect at all to their partners.